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Hello Top 12 Pick List Participants!

Yeah! This is so exciting. This week, our SPRING Top 12 Pick VISIONARY list will be coming out Tuesday, April 30. Our BOOK Top 12 Pick list is on Wednesday, May 1. Both lists will be sent out between 9am-1pm PST!

The list e-blast is sent out initially to our list of about 5,000. In the upper left hand corner of the e-blast – you will see direct links to Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. It’s a wonderful social media tool to let all your friends know that you have made the list.

I will also put the pick list on the front page of Spirited Woman ( Through my social media connections (listed below) I will also let my followers know the list is out. And, I also post the list on Pinterest. Feel free to go to each other’s social media pages and congratulate each other – in fact that is one of the perks of the list! Many women who’ve been on the pick list in the past – have let their e-list know about this, blogged about it, and have put in their signature line that they’ve made “The Spirited Woman Top 12 Pick List.”

In terms of Facebook, if you haven’t already done so, be sure and friend me at and follow Spirited Woman at That way when I announce the list – I can directly share with you.

Additionally, we are proud to release a logo for our pick lists. There is a general logo for those of you on our products/services/visionary list and another logo specifically for books on our book pick list. Also, there are two different sizes of each logo for you to choose from. And for those of you on the book pick list, see our new square shape logo below designed for easy upload to your author’s page on Amazon – if you choose to do so.

Please feel free to put the appropriate logo on your website, in your e-mail signature, on social media, wherever you wish. You can hot link it to “” if you wish, or to the specific list you were on. To find the specific url of the list you were on, just look at the top of the browser.

If you still don’t know how to find the specific list url, then e-mail me and I will help you.

Thank you so very much for participating. Here’s to a glorious list!

All my best, Nancy

Nancy Mills
Creator – The Spirited Woman Approach to Life
Founder, Spirited Woman

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