Meet Gigi

Meet Gigi

Gigi Schilling is the founder of SoAgeless and author of the book Ageless Bride

Gigi is a mix of her homeland, Brazil, and her adopted USA. Her nomad lifestyle has found her living in many places: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Patagonia, The Bahamas, New York City, and her current home, Miami. Her larger-than-life personality is only matched by her tall stature and her even taller joie de vivre. Educated in Rio de Janeiro, she received a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. Gigi is also a wife and a mother to her American-born son, Alex. He is Gigi’s greatest legacy.

In 2010, Gigi created the SoAgeless Facebook community to inspire women over 50 to practice the art of being ageless. Gigi’s pro-aging philosophy: never suffer from self-ageism, never feel invisible, love your age and feel ageless. For Gigi, to be ageless is to be free of ageist stereotypes.

In 2017, Gigi published her first book, Ageless Bride, to inspire over-50 women to shed society’s outdated, ageist rules and allow themselves the magic and romance of being a bride.

Ageless Bride will be republished in June 2023, with two new chapters and sold at Since working on her book, Gigi’s passion has shifted from pro-aging bravado to matters of the heart. She wholeheartedly envisions her book inspiring and giving hope to over-50 women so that they may find love and joy at any age.

Gigi mantra: Love is ageless, and so is the over-50 bride!