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SoAgeless Wedding Registry for couples over 50!

SoAgeless Wedding Registry for couples over 50!

Ageless Provocateurs

Gigi Schilling and her SoAgeless lifestyle brand, are excited to share their wedding registry selections for couples over 50.

The back story: In 2019 Gigi had an idea to create a wedding registry tailored exclusively to couples over 50. Up to that time, she had never seen any gift registry customized to older couples getting married, and she sincerely believed that they also deserved to be spoiled with thoughtful wedding gifts from family and friends. Then in 2020, the pandemic hit, so she put this dream on the back burner. In 2023 when Gigi opened her SoAgeless Amazon Storefront offering selections for the over-50 bride and honeymooners, the timing was perfect to also offer a wedding registry for the over-50 couple who truly has it all yet wants to start fresh with everyday essentials and one-of-a-kind gifts.

The SoAgeless storefront can be found at