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Stop Self-Ageism!

Stop Self-Ageism!

Ageless Provocateurs, Gigi-isms
When I joined Facebook in 2009, I noticed that people were in distress about turning 50. I turned 50 in 2008 and felt great! That observation led me to create a Facebook page called, Over 50 & Irresistible. I was especially inspired by Coco Chanel’s famous quote, “You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40, and irresistible for the rest of your life.” I will always believe this is true!

We expect society to not be ageist, yet I have often observed that people turning 50 can be some of the biggest ageists toward themselves! One is mirroring the other, yet they are all in denial. So many people start to look at themselves through the paradox lens of being “too old to live at 50, yet too young to die at 50″… but why?

I would like to start, with the help of all of YOU ageless people, a movement named, “Stop Self-Ageism!” Let’s change the way we see life after 50, and turn it into an ageless lifestyle! Take a stand with me.

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