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1010 Park Place Makes It Count

Ageless Provocateurs
Make life count. That’s the mantra of 1010 Park Place. Most of us have been told all our lives to “make life count”, “live with no regrets” or “keep calm and (insert verb)” – which is – let’s be honest – a lot easier said than done. So what does “make life count” mean and is that meaning different for women over 45? Over 50?
Yes. It is. Instead of “How to Get the Man of Your Dreams” you have “Endings and Beginnings”; instead of “Budget Vacation Tips” you have an entire “Finances” section; health topics vary wildly; and there’s a patient wisdom to the writing that can only surface with experience. While people at any age can agree that “making life count” means something along the lines of “embracing the day” or “staying memorable”…it’s something that becomes a lot more undeniable with age.
If you take a look at the 1010 Park Place website, it’s quite the lifestyle blog – perfectly built out and tailored for the “over 45 woman”. Right now I’m looking at “Brenda’s Summer Playlist”, “Eight Inviting Guest Rooms”, “Aging with Energy”, “The Importance of Finding Great Girlfriends” and so on. Every post has it’s meaning and every meaning has its place in every reader’s mind. It’s a blog you want to go back to every day because of the content variety, because it helps you find comfortable shoes online, and because of more inspirational life topic posts such as, “Don’t Hit the Snooze Button on Life.” 1010 Park Place indeed serves up reminders to make life count.
A lot of blogs seem to have the same features, templates, topics, and so on. If one blog is doing it it’s easy for another to do it too. So in a sea of oversaturated “age lifestyle” blogs, what makes 1010 stand out? Well, what makes any product or brand stand out – the person/people behind the curtain…
Founder Brenda Coffee started the blog after achieving success with her breast cancer blog,, repeatedly voted a top cancer blog in the U.S. Using her business background, she founded 1010 Park Place. She also has, in her arsenal, fellow bloggers like Kim Alexis and Sara Cornell to add more depth, make the circle more round. Find a blogger you relate to and follow along! It’s a smart strategy. Brenda is practicing what she preaches. 1010 Park Place is self-described “as a blog targeted toward “the best-educated, most powerful women in history: women over 45” and in a recent blog post made sure to note that the “over 45” demographic is overlooked by advertisers and marketers. And that’s why 1010 Park Place exists. To give the over 45 a voice. And 1010 isn’t the only blog giving voice to the older demographics – as noted earlier – heaps of them have been popping up all over the internet.
In a way, these blogs are responding like any other overlooked niche or demographic. While wanting to be recognized by the mainstream can be important, it’s also kind of nice to be part of something…lesser known, something especially for you, made by people who “get” you. In all honesty we don’t need the mainstream and, actually, the mainstream seems to be dying so-to-speak. Marketers, armed with their data, are finding it harder and harder to put people into boxe- I mean segments. Niches are abound. Instead of one mainstream and say, three niches, we now have one “majority” niche and hundreds of other niches. Blogs like Brenda’s keep the scene alive, and get to do so in their own way. We’re all keeping it alive. This is a community. Our community. Think of it in terms of the hipster stereotype…once something “sells out and goes mainstream” it’s no longer cool, right? Welcome to the “over 40/50/60” underground. We make it count.


  1. 1010ParkPlace
    July 19, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    Hi Gigi,
    I’m delighted you’ve discovered 1010ParkPlace! Thank you for the wonderful post you’ve written about us. It’s important to connect with likeminded women who have shared experiences and who understand the nuances of this stage of our lives. I look forward to getting to know you and SoAgeless!

    • Gigi Schilling
      July 26, 2016 at 9:52 am

      Hello Brenda! Welcome to SoAgeless and thank you for such a lovely message, and I truly enjoy reading the articles that you and your great writers post on 1010 Park Place. I believe that sites like yours, help women at 50 and beyond to navigate the second half of their lives. I also look forward to getting to know you! xo Gigi

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