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Six Things About the Three Tomatoes

Six Things About the Three Tomatoes

Ageless Provocateurs
I have been following The Three Tomatoes since 2011, and most women over 50 love what they do, so it’s no wonder that they’ve gathered such a devoted fanbase of women who want to live their lives fully at every age and every stage. A “tomato” is used to describe a woman who exudes confidence. Tomatoes are not defined by age or labels like boomers – but are all about living and enjoying life fully, at every age and every stage.  Are you a tomato?

the three tomatoes website

  1. I was drawn to their “irreverent, often funny, usually informative, and always good natured” style of writing. The site is one part city guide (if you live in New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles) one part lifestyle blog and one part directory. From feng shui to fashion, it’s too daunting to even attempt to list the myriad of topics they cover.
  2. My favorite column is Gossip with Liz Smith, the self-proclaimed “2000 year old gossip columnist.” She has written for nearly every newspaper and magazine in New York City and even dubbed a “Living Landmark.” Her weekly column is funny, varied, and entertaining, but watch out for Game of Thrones spoilers!
  3. Tomato #1 is Cheryl Benton. The site started as a newsletter that she sent to 60 friends because she started to feel invisible as an older woman in New York City. That newsletter transformed into a cherished website “by grown up women for grown up women.”
  4. Tomato #2, Roni Jenkins, is a marketing whiz and mom to three children. I don’t know how or where she finds the time to also volunteer with UN Women, the Nation MS Society, and more.
  5. Tomato #3, Debbie Zipp, is over in L.A. doing what most people in L.A. do – writing, acting and producing. She plays Donna on “Murder She Wrote” and most recently wrote the book “The Aspiring Actor’s Handbook, What Seasoned Actors Wish They Had Known”.
  6. But wait, there’s also a fourth tomato! Carol Davis helps with events, sponsorships, and marketing for the brand.
The Three Tomatoes was one of the first newsletter/blog/websites to act on the fact that us ladies over a certain are being left out of the media landscape. It’s run by amazing, high-powered, tenured, charismatic, philanthropist women (so basically superwomen) and arrives weekly, packed with the message that “Hey, yeah, we’re still here! And we’re even more fun and fabulous than before.”


  1. Roni Jenkins
    July 18, 2016 at 3:52 pm

    Gigi, this was such a nice review! Thanks so much for the positivity and support! Love women who help other women.

    • Gigi Schilling
      July 26, 2016 at 9:58 am

      Hi Roni! Thank YOU it was my pleasure! xo Gigi

  2. Robin Taylor
    July 18, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    I agree with the article. It’s a good idea to get involved with this group.

    • Gigi Schilling
      July 26, 2016 at 9:57 am

      Hello Robin! Welcome to SoAgeless, and I agree with you that sites like The Three Tomatoes help women at 50 and beyond to navigate the second half of their lives. xo Gigi

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